Whitening gel pencil refills all year round!!!

Developed by professionals, whiten your teeth quickly in the comfort of your home!



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Satisfaction Guaranteed | 30 Days

Voted #1 Gift in 2021

Proven Results

No Pain

Enamel Safe

Local Product

The Gel Pens

  • Buy the pencils according to your needs and have white teeth all year round
  • Subscribe and receive your whitening pens when you need them 
  • Order the quantity you want; 3, 4 or 6 at a time
  • The gel is developed by local professionals and tested here, approved by your professionals.
  • 1 pencil provide a week of whitening with recommended use
  • The gel developed by our professionals is specially designed for sensitive teeth and regular use
  • No burning sensation
  • Must be stored in the refrigerator after opening

Proven Results

I bought and was very skeptical. It really works and they stay white for quite a while. I love !!! The best investment I made for my teeth. Finally something to live up to its claims!

- Caroline D.

I was having my teeth whitened at the dentist until a dental assistant advised me to order this product instead of paying top dollar in the clinic. Now I have white teeth all year round. thank you so much

- Nicole M.

I love the product, it is easy to use, it carries well and I have no pain. I always get compliments on my smile thanks to you. Thank you

- Philip T.

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